Bhashyam IIT Academy

Success is habit forming.
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Bhashyam is truly a new generation educational group that represents the transformation stage of education nationally. Bhashyam, with a limited number of students in the last three consecutive years in BIIT Academy, has created all time record in the history of IIT results in the country. The success further continued in the medical stream too. Bhashyam student’s left an indelible mark with its maiden batch of MEDEX securing seats in state and national level prestigious medical colleges.

Club of Successful Bhashyamites in JEE (Advanced) and IIT-JEE.

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Propelled into the Orbit of Success.

Bhashyam believes that when foundation is strong, sky is the limit for success. At BIIT Academy, the additional thrust provided here ensures that every individual performs to their best potential.

  • Concept based teaching for effective learning while nurturing competitive aptitude.
  • Interactive learning techniques supported by comprehensive and concise workbooks.
  • In-depth subject knowledge to improve their comprehension levels.
  • Special attention on crucial subjects mainly Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths.
  • Value added programmes to nurture logical and analytical skills.
  • Specially designed study materials for stress-free learning.
  • Science and Mathematic workshops and seminars to cultivate interest in the subjects.
  • Extending knowledge spectrum beyond bookish knowledge of the student.
  • Periodic assessment tests to gauge student's performance from time to time.
  • Daily doubt clarification sessions followed by extended study hours.
  • Identifying accelerated learners and motivating them with personalized teaching sessions.

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Sahi Jawab!

Bhashyam IIT Academy has the largest pool of experienced teaching fraternity in South India with highest success rate in school education. The consistent success of students in International Maths Olympiad, KVPY, AMTI and NEST is a proof for their caliber.

Over the years, Bhashyam has observed that most of the talented students following different syllabi lack the ability to solve problems in competitive exams.
It has endeavoured to set it right with its unique BIIT 5-years integrated coaching programme. The yearlong Integrated Foundation Programme is well planned and implemented by experienced faculty in phases. The sole aim of the course is to nurture logical and analytical skills which play a crucial role in enabling them to crack any prestigious competitive exams in first attempt. Bhashyam has initiated a unique student adoption programme to address the students of different comprehension levels.

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Of Ideas and Expressions.

In today's rapidly evolving technology savvy world, BIIT aims to adopt the innovations in teaching to make it more productive and contemporary.

Following the latest trends in technology driven student oriented learning process, Bhashyam has installed Digital Boards in its BIIT campus. The teachers use this latest technology and simplify the lessons taught for better retention. The teachers involve students in discussions, interaction sessions, problem solving, and many such activities. Students are also allotted projects, which they have the option to pursue as groups, after completion of which they are required to make presentations to the entire classroom. The students on completing this strenuous course emerge as self-contained individuals to face any competition with confidence.