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Track Record

The story of success is not yet over...

Bhashyam has proved that when the concept is good and planning is perfect, success only follows. Bhashyam has the unique distinction of achieving success year after year, with its students not only topping in SSC, but also securing 100% marks in Science and Mathematics. Bhashyam has the distinct advantage of its students scoring above 97% in optionals and over 570 marks in aggregate in the state unfailingly year after year. This success has been uniformly consistent in all its branches which again is a reflection of high standards set in all its branches.

The number of BIIT Foundation Academy students securing seats in eminent and reputed IIT coaching centers is growing consistently and is a proof of the quality training imparted at Bhashyam. In other words, we can say think of quality education, think of Bhashyam.

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Bhashyam Performance - SSC 2008:

Marks Obtained No. of Students Marks in Maths in Gen. Science
580 Marks and Above 3 100% 1163 21
570-579 Marks 28 99% 975 69
560-569 Marks 134 98% 827 150
550-559 Marks 355 97% 625 204
500 Marks and Above 4113 96% 582 200