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The School is dedicated to prepare students to be conscientious and responsible citizens with a sense of integrity and honesty which will be imbued with a spirit of adventure, exploration, research and creativity. The school believes in uniqueness and fostering each individual's potential and therefore, provides varied opportunities for successful living and growth. A child-centered education with the concept of an all-round development of the individual child is the foremost philosophy of Bhashyam.
  • The pursuit of excellence in studies, games, sports,co-curricular activities and character building.
  • The development of personality, self-reliance, courage, self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • The bringing about of a total transformation in a student not only in academies but also in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, aesthetic and creative thinking.
  • Encouraging in students a desire for life long learning.
  • The fostering of independent thinking, thoughtful decision-making, critical analysis and appreciation and understanding of differences of opinion.
  • Inculcating the best in Indian culture and tradition among its pupils and imbue in them lasting moral values.
  • Creating responsible, disciplined and secular citizens, who are fully aware of their social, moral and cultural obligations and commitments, with a desire for unbounded service to humanity.
  • To Develop a patriotic outlook in Students and a desire to serve the country.
  • Establishing true equality among all students, irrespective of caste or community, status and background. The school will promote positive interpersonal relationships, where students can work together and become caring and sharing individuals, with a concern and feeling for others.